Pricing Information

At CityMotors quality of customer service is our first priority and that is why we try our best to deliver it. We also understand that a happy customer is a returning customer. Unlike other unprofessional technicians, we do not overcharge you for our car repair services and our car repair pricing is completely justifiable. There are no hidden charges when we tell you our car repair pricing.


  • Winching out a car, that’s stuck in a mud, dirt, sand or any other kind of a terrain or whatever – is what we do the best! Even if your car has fallen off the cliff and lies 100 feet below, be sure that we will be able to retrieve it back safely!

Jump Starting

  • Oftentimes a car might go offroad and begin to malfunction…. The worst case scenario is the engine going off right in the middle of the road. That will prevent you not just from getting out now, but driving it later. But we will jump start it!

Refer a Friend in Distress and He’ll Have the

Price Reduced by 25%!